User Centric Design

Years of experience has taught us that a user’s experience with your website (or intranet or flash game etc) determines its success. If people can find information easily and engage with your site, they'll use it and recommend it.

At Lithe, we're dedicated to improving online user experience, one website at a time.

User Centric Design covers:

  • information architecture (the blueprint for your website)
  • interface and interaction design
  • page load times
  • the accessibility of a website.

We draw on best practice from User Centric Design and Agile Development, which involves and considers the user at all times. 

Website reviews & competitor analysis
We can review your existing website in detail, including comparative analysis against competitors, and provide recommendations for:

  • Information architecture & content
  • Usability and functionality
  • Brand message
  • Social media engagement
  • Search engine optimisation.

Our reports focus on user experience in relation to these areas as well as the success (or otherwise) of your business in achieving its goals.

Read more about our process on our How we work page.