Hosting advice and audits

One size does not fit all with web hosting. Every website has different requirements that will determine the best solution.

We can provide a comprehensive audit of your current hosting situation and advise on hosting solutions to match your needs, whether your site is existing or in development.

With years of experience working with numerous hosting providers and with no vested interest in the outcome, you’ll get a straightforward and honest appraisal of your options based on what’s actually best for you.


The cost of hosting packages is commonly represented by disk size and prepaid traffic, but this doesn’t determine suitability. First we consider what the likely requirements of your website will be. A 'cheap' option may become expensive if it isn't appropriate for the purpose, doesn't provide quality of service or if there are hidden costs. Determine the real value of a hosting solution by comparing what it offers against the considerations outlined below.


To meet functional requirements, a website can use a variety of technologies and services. A compatible hosting solution must meet these requirements and be capable of satisfying any future needs.

Access bandwidth

Any hosted website should be quick and easy for users to access, to prevent negative user experiences. Access bandwidth considers factors like geographical location and network speeds.

Server uptime

Your website's hosting solution should guarantee a high level of uptime: normally 99.9% or more. The hosting provider should also provide details on how they’ll achieve this, e.g. backup generators and UPS devices. They should also offer compensation if those guarantees are not met.

Disaster recovery

If something goes wrong, your website needs to be back up in the shortest time possible. A good hosting solution will offer enterprise backup solutions and information about back up frequency, location of backups and the processes and time required to restore backed up files.

Webmaster access

It’s important that the webmaster or site developer can readily access the hosting environment. A high level of access will allow for deployments and updates to be applied quickly, and for issues to be addressed promptly. A low level of access equates to more time and therefore expense in achieving the same results and possibly long delays in addressing any issues.