Custom website development

We can help you to build successful, customised web-enabled solutions, for any purpose and with minimal risk, using Agile Development techniques and Lean Development principles.

Traditional website development
Traditional website development processes try to determine all requirements before development begins. You only have input at the beginning and near the end of the project which usually results in additional and costly changes very late in the project.

Agile Development
Agile Development releases the website in stages called iterations. Each iteration is a functioning version of the website presented to you for review and includes the features planned for that stage, plus those already developed.

You see the website evolve and can make informed decisions about future efforts.

In our experience, the final release plan very rarely resembles the initial release plan. This highlights how effective Agile Development is, and reveals a flaw in more traditional waterfall-oriented methods.

Hand in hand with Agile Development, we also subscribe to Lean Development principles to further reduce risk and increase the quality of the product. 

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