Playford Alive

Project Background

Playford Alive is one of the largest urban renewal projects in Australia. It combines new and existing suburbs in the City of Playford through best practice in urban and community development, and is a joint partnership between the State Government, the City of Playford and the local community. This ambitious Place Making project is rejuvenating around 1,000 hectares of land in the north of Adelaide over a period of several years.

Lithe were engaged in partnership with Martins Integrated to redevelop the existing Playford Alive website.


As a large and complex project that encompasses urban renewal, new land development, community infrastructure and more, the Playford Alive website needed to communicate effectively to a large group of stakeholders with very diverse needs.

The Playford Alive project has discrete stages, so the new website needed to provide a high level of flexibility to meet the evolving communication requirements of the Land Management Council and partners.


During the early stages of this project, a high level of strategic thinking was employed to ensure the final solution encompassed the various needs of all stakeholders. Employing best practice in User Experience and Agile Development techniques, we worked closely with the LMC to develop personas and user stories that would drive the development of functional solutions and information architecture.

The outcome of this process was the creation of an alternative navigation structure and way-finding points within the website that allows different stakeholders to easily surface content of specific interest, while maintaining an intuitive and clean interface.

Over the course of the project we:

  • Led comprehensive workshops to develop personas and user stories
  • Produced an interactive and iterated prototype of the website (wireframe)
  • Worked closely with Martins Integrated on production of the design concepts
  • Provided training and support for the N2 CMS.

Functionality delivered included:

  • Integration of HTML templates for the design into the developed website
  • Implementation of the N2 Content Management System (CMS)
  • Integration of an RSS news feed
  • Integration of the free Google Search functionality.


We're very proud of the result we achieved for the LMC, and we think their feedback speaks for itself:

"Preparing a website for a project the size and significance of Playford Alive was always going to be a mammoth task. The complexities of the project are such that the website had to have well-defined retail, community, employment and informative aspects - all balanced to ensure a user-friendly and fully functioning site.

In a very effective and complementary partnership, Lithe and Martins' strategic and comprehensive approach to the planning stages of the site saw the structure unfold in a way that answered the brief and met our expectations. The focus on end user groups and content rationale made the end population of the site much more efficient.

The end result speaks for itself. The new website is fresh and inviting, easy to navigate, and a fitting representation of one of South Australia's most ambitious development projects to date."

You can view the website at

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