How we work

Suggested approach

Our process for projects combines best practices from User Centric Design and Agile Development.

Discovery phase

The discovery phase ensures we understand the needs of your organisation and, importantly, your website visitors. We work with you in workshops to develop personas and user stories. These will be used as a guide all the way through the design and build phases of the project.

The list of deliverables for the discovery phase needs to be reviewed and a brief explanation of each deliverable provided.

The main deliverable at the end of this phase is wireframes.


Design focuses on the site's look and feel. This is separate from discussions on content and site structure. Design tends to be subjective so it is important we establish a clear direction as early as possible.

We will establish what elements will be included in the design sign off process. These may include:

  • moodboards
  • wireframes
  • design concepts.

We'll also establish which key pages to mockup before the main build phase.


This is where we establish what content and features the site will include and how the project will structurally fit together.

Who is doing what from a content perspective and by when? This relates to our deliverables but also what we need from you. We can also help you establish content governance. A great web project cannot have content dropped in at the last minute.

Front end build

Once the design is signed off there are many templates to implement as well as error messages, modules and much more. In this section we get down to the nitty gritty of your web project.


Our web project might look great and have stunning content but it also needs to function smoothly. The development phase includes integration of external systems and build of all the functional items identified in the discovery phase as well as any administration and reporting requirements.

We subscribe to lean development principles that reduce risk while increasing the quality of the product.


Once all the pieces of the puzzle are together and we have made sure everything fits we need to deploy to an environment that will host the final product. Upon approval of this deployment we flick the go live switch!


Once the website is live to the public, it’s vital to schedule a review to assess how the website is performing and identify any necessary changes. The review covers:

  • Feedback from the client on the development process
  • Reviews of user behaviour by our User Experience (UX) Designer and Development team on the site after pre-defined periods of exposure
  • Our User Experience Designer and Development teams identifying potential issues and recommending areas for improvement in site stability, UX and SEO.